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Breast Implants – Selecting The Best Implants For Your Body Type

A lady that has a well balanced bodily figure is likely to have an easy time choosing outfits that suit her. She is also likely to be confident and comfortable when in social settings. Some of the body parts that can give you a great figure when well balanced include the breasts, hips and waist. If your breasts are too small for your body, your figure may seem out of proportion. If you desire to have bigger and fuller breasts, breast implants can work wonders for your figure and your self esteem.

Size Of Breast Implants

There are different types and shapes of breast implants and you will have a discussion with your surgeon as to the implants that are best suited for you. Your body frame as well as your preference will be considered by the doctor when choosing the implants. The current volume of your breasts and the dimensions of the implant have to be matched properly to give you a good fit. The diameter of your chest wall and how well your skin can stretch will affect the final size of the implants.

Once you have decided on the size of implant that you want, you should allow the doctor to slightly adjust the size if needed during surgery. This is because it is during surgery that the doctor can tell how far your skin can stretch. If your skin cannot stretch enough to accommodate the size that you wanted, he may need to use a smaller size.

Breast Implant Shape

You can use round or anatomical shaped implants. Round implants tend to give more projection to the breasts than the anatomical implants. You can decide to have round implants that have a high, medium or low profile. They are also available in an extra high profile or an ultra high profile for maximum projection. The anatomical implants also have five ranges of profiles similar to those of the round implants. They also have different bases including the long oval, short oval and round bases.

Filling Used In Implants

The implant shell can either be filled with a saline solution or with silicone gel. Saline implants are known to rupture faster than silicone implants. When saline implants rupture, the solution is absorbed into the body. The implant therefore deflates gradually and can wrinkle or fold. Silicone implants on the other hand do not deflate when they rupture. Instead if the soft gel is used it leaks to the implant pocket. A firmer type of silicone gel does not leak even when the implant ruptures. However, the firmer gel does not feel as natural as the softer gel.

Implant Placement

During the breast implant surgery there are various ways in which the surgeon can place the breast implants. He can place the implant between the chest muscle and the breast tissue. This positioning protects the chest muscle from damage and allows you to be more comfortable after the surgery. The implants can also be placed under the chest muscle which keeps the implants from rippling since there is more tissue covering them. The implants are also less likely to rotate. You will need to discuss with your surgeon the position that will be best for your implants.